Q: When is the deadline for placing my order?

A: Our new menu is posted every Wednesday. To guarantee a Tuesday delivery, orders should be placed no later than 5:00 PM on Sunday. If you miss the order deadline, we recommend placing your order anyway and we will place you on our waiting list (we usually have extra items available to accommodate our wait list and walk-in customers). We fill all wait list orders before selling items to our “walk-in” customers.  Wait list orders are available for pick-up only.  If you can’t make it to our store, our food is also available through OnTheGoDelivery.com Wednesday through Friday.

Q: What’s the difference between a Standard Order, Double Order and Half-Order?

A: STANDARD ORDER: ($95 plus tax) consists of eight 24-ounce* containers (typically 4 main entrees 1 soup/chili/stew and 3 side dishes). Each dish contains 3-4 servings.

A: DOUBLE ORDER: ($180 plus tax) is two standard orders.

A: HALF-ORDER: ($55 plus tax) consists of all 8 items on the menu in 12-ounce* containers.

A: A LA CARTE (pick-up only):  ($13 plus tax) per 24-ounce container; ($7.25 plus tax) per 12-ounce* container.

*Note: Container sizes are rated by volume. Actual container weight varies by the density of individual menu items. 

Q: Can I add extra dishes to my order? How do I add dessert to my order?

A:  Yes, you can add on to any of our meal plans!  To add a menu item to a standard or double order is $13 for each 24-ounce container and to add on to a Half-order is $7.25 for each 12-ounce container. The dessert add-on option is $9.50 per container.  Please let us know which meal items you would like in our comment section on the order form.

Q: How long will my food keep?

A: Being that our meals are low in fat and have zero cholesterol, they keep extremely well if kept refrigerated. Most dishes will keep for 5 – 7 days, and many are freezer friendly.

Q: Are your meals cholesterol-free?

A: Yes, our meals are completely cholesterol-free and contain no animal ingredients or animal by-products.  Research has shown that a plant rich diet may prevent or reverse chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Q: Are your meals Gluten-Free?

A:  All our regular meal items are naturally gluten-free or have a gluten-free option available for no additional charge.  However, although our staff takes great care to prevent cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of gluten will not appear in a gluten-free item.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Q: Is the nutritional information available?

A:   We certainly understand the importance of having nutritional information for our customers.  However, at this time we do not have the info available. We do list the ingredients used on our menu in order of volume. We are doing our best to get measurements for each ingredient used so we can provide nutritional information.

Q: Do you use organic vegetables?

A: On average we use at least 80-90% organic vegetables, grains and beans. Usage depends on the availability of organic items each week.  We like to support sustainable local organic farmers and use them as much as possible.

Q: When will my food be ready?

A: We prepare the meals on Monday and Tuesday, so they are ready to deliver/pick-up Tuesday afternoon.

Q: What if I’m not going to be home at the time of delivery?

A:  Customers should leave a cooler out for use. The cooler should be able to hold about 3 six-packs of soda and have enough room for ice. If you do not have a cooler, we can provide one of our reusable cooler bags for a $9.50 fee. Some customers also give us access to a refrigerator in the garage or in a guesthouse.

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