Jane Liles

I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! This culinary challenged working mom is so thankful not only for being introduced to such fabulous food, but for all of the extra time I had to play with my children last week. Not only has my 3 year old enjoyed your scrumptious meals, but my 17 year old, carnivorous, football and baseball playing high schooler has been telling all of his friends how good your plant based food is. Thank you again for doing what you do!

Crista Moore Murray via Facebook

We’re on Day 2 of our 2nd week and I’m sold!!! This food is awesome and I feel awesome serving it to my family. I can go to the gym after work and not stress about dinner! Thank you. Well done Healthy Chef Meals.

Donna Qualls Bascle via facebook

Tried new things this week. And LOVE it all. This food is so good and I’m so glad to be able to eat healthy without having to cook! Thanks for providing this service to Shreveport.

Karen Carlsrud

The first week I ordered from Healthy Chef Meals, I noticed my weekly grocery bill decreased by about the same amount as my order. That made my decision to re-order very easy. It’s a good deal!